Network for Social Transformation

Our Vision

Social transformation happens when people are united around a shared vision, using their gifts, and taking ownership of their preferred future, creating belonging and well-being across the community. 

Who We Are

We are a network of experienced consultants who strengthen communities through approaches that are asset-based, constituent-driven and that build social connections.  Our goal is to amplify the individual and collective impact of our members through mutual support, collaboration, and by inspiring innovation.

Our Distinctives

  • Asset based approaches that build on what is strong within us, among us, and around us. 

  • Constituent-driven processes that engage those who are  most impacted in the design and ownership of the transformation story. 

  • Social connections that create the foundation for belonging and becoming, both individually and collectively.

  • Soul care that recognizes that this work is only sustainable when the soul of the change agent is nurtured through spiritual friendships. 

  • Collective wisdom that recognizes the mystery of how our collective intentions, knowledge, and experiences combine to create innovative and rooted solutions to challenging issues. 

  • Mindful communication that allows us to change the very nature of the conversation by listening deeply and accepting and valuing the views of others.

Our Values

  • Generosity: A willingness to share the gifts we have with one another

  • Possibility: A willingness to live in the messy space of emergence with a spirit of optimism

  • Appreciation: A welcoming, honoring, and valuing of the unique gifts each member brings

  • Teachability: A willingness to learn from the unique experiences we all bring to this work

  • Authenticity: A willingness to bring our whole selves - sharing both the beauty and the shadow side of our experiences